The Chinese are coming.

It has been so quiet on the taxi front recently I haven’t really had much to write about for weeks now.  Fewer customers equals fewer opportunities for fun and frivolity and strange conversations!  Hopefully with Easter coming we should get much busier. Last year we were literally overrun with Chinese people.  They were probably not ALL Chinese but without meaning to sound racist I couldn’t tell if they were from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam or wherever. Lets just say that there were a LOT of people from Asia in Penzance last Easter. I have no idea why.  As far as I know we are not ‘twinned’ with anywhere in the Far East but you never know.

Great wall of China

Penzance prom?

The Asians I transported last year were not good tippers.  In fact they don’t tip at all. They like to agree a price with you for a journey in advance and will pay you exactly what was agreed.  You just need to be aware of that from the start so that you can adjust your ‘price’ accordingly.  They generally don’t want to go from Tesco to the high street they usually want to go to St Michaels Mount , Porthcurno , Lands End or St. Ives. or some other place which would be a good fare.  So I say to the good people of China (or wherever) 欢迎来到彭赞斯, which means “Welcome to Penzance” in Mandarin.

I noticed this week that the Government has announced that the National minimum wage has risen to £6.50 per hour.  Is this a good time to mention that this week I earned £5.11, yes that’s FIVE POUNDS ELEVEN PENCE per hour. Last week, perhaps unbelievably, it was even worse.  I dream about reaching the dizzy heights of the minimum wage.  This time next year Rodney we will NOT be millionaires.

Not me next tear!

Me next year?

The last thing for this posting is about a newspaper clipping I spotted on Facebook last week.  It is from the Star newspaper.  I laughed at lot at this.  Hope you enjoy it too.



In case you cant read it here is the text of the article:

“A taxi driver was tricked out of a £140 fare by a mannequin. The cabbie was hailed for a late night journey from Brighton train station to London by three men who agreed a fee.  He dropped the first man off 50 miles later.  At the next stop the second man gave the destination for the third man who was ‘asleep’.  But at the final address the driver tried to wake up the passenger only to find it was a fully clothed tailors dummy! . . . . . . . . . . . .”

Nice story.

I think maybe next time the driver in question might ask for the fare in advance.


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