Ding Dong


We are still in the midst of post Christmas, no money and poor weather January so not much to report on the taxi front this week so I was looking around for something to write about. Earlier on I could hear the Mrs yaffling on about something in the background and I wasn’t really listening (as usual) until my ears pricked up when she said that I should read the instructions for the nail machine she bought at Christmas.  I have no real idea what this thing does but I’m sure that in ‘lady world’ its a MUST have item. Here is a picture of what I am calling ‘The nail thingy’.  Below I have reproduced the installation instructions that came with the product word for word.nail thingy


The installation procedure:

1.1 step: please send the product in your hand and then open the package and put package inside the bubble bag here.

1.2 the second step: the phototherapy machine over, smoke baffle, bottom. Then take out the lamp “remember to take the lamp to gently to prevent fragmentation” lamp.

1.3 step third: four jack will come up with a tube inserted in the machine inside, inserted on both sides of the tube first, then plug the middle.  Metal interface place the lamp to plug with your fingers pinch (remember not to seize the lamp); judgment is plugged in tight standards is silver metal parts are inserted into the lamp root, not leak outside, that is installed, can electrify.

Not surprisingly the product was bought over the internet and shipped from China. Google translate is good but not that good, obviously. If you can understand from that what you are supposed to do you are much cleverer than I.

The only other  thing I want to mention is a taxi job I had on Saturday night.  I was, together with another vehicle, to pick up 10 young girls and bring them into town.  The pick up address was Wheal Whistle, DING DONG.  I only mention it because its an interesting sounding name and for some reason makes me laugh every time I hear it.  

ding dong

Slightly older readers will remember that “Ding Dong” was the catchphrase of Leslie Phillips of “Carry on . . . . ” fame. 


For those of you actually interested in what Ding Dong actually is, read the wikipedia article about it.



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