New Year new me?

Quite a busy night on the taxis this New Years Eve.  I finished at three but I could easily have carried on until four, five or even six! There were apparently still people wandering around town at 6 in the morning looking for a taxi to take them home.  In the main the people I was picking up until 3 were still able to talk and let me know where they wanted to go!  There were however plenty of people I avoided picking up IE drove right past because they just looked too drunk.  Here are some pictures  which illustrate some of the sights I saw . . . .

Drunk-girlvery drunk






Quite early on in the night I received a message to go and pick up a group of seven from “a pub in Crowlas or Ludgvan”.  Bit vague that!  Luckily each place only has one pub and the two places are only about a mile apart.  I started with the Star in

This pub is popular with the village locals and is a real ale pub but at that time of night it was very quiet.  I went in and mooched about for five minutes and couldn’t find a party of seven who were waiting for a taxi so I left. I was a bit distracted as I walked out thinking about going up to the other pub (in Ludgvan) so I didnt notice the small step on the way out. I tripped and lost my balance but instead of just falling over and accepting my inevitable fate I carried on moving forward desperately trying to regain my balance.  I was moving quite quickly at about a 45 degree angle.  I could see the road approaching rapidly so I gave in and fell forward and hit the pavement very hard.  I grazed my knee and badly grazed and bruised my elbow.


My damaged elbow!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, as I was lying on the ground two passing ladies came up to me and one of them said “are you alright mate?”, “I tripped over coming out of the pub” I replied weakly, “Oh” she said “I thought you had got thrown out because of the angle you came out at”.  HaBloodyHa.






Also it might have looked a bit dodgy seeing a person apparently thrown out of a pub, fall over and then get in and drive a taxi!

A Cars 01736 333222

As for the title of this posting “A new year a new me?”, well its not going to happen.  I am quite harpy with who I am.  I could probably do with giving up smoking (planning to do this soon), lose some weight (unbelievably I have put on over a stone this year!, fact hunt), eat a bit healthier and continue to refrain from binge drinking but none of those things will make me a better person (or a worse person if unachieved).  When looking at a New Year people often focus on all the things they want to change about themselves but overlook all of the positive things they have achieved in the preceding year.  Not me, I’ll stay just as I am thank you.

Happy New Year to all.




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