Smug is me.

Its that time of year again. Christmas I mean. The time for “peace and goodwill to all mankind” or so says the the definitive guide to these things, the bible.  Well looking at the pictures and videos of some of the scenes at the shops on ‘black Friday’ you wouldn’t see much peace or goodwill there. It was more like ‘black EYE Friday’!

black eye friday


Its another one of those stupid ideas some of our retailers have copied from America in order to generate some sales.  Some people were literally fighting over electrical products reduced by £20 or so and they were brands I had never heard of. Complete Madness! It wasn’t even nearly Xmas.  Complete_Madness

Most years I go out and do my Xmas shopping on almost the last possible day.  I only have to buy for the wife as she does all the ‘real’ shopping for everyone else in the family.  I usually start with 3 or 4 pints of Stella in a high street pub and then stumble randomly around town in a panicky kind of way desperately trying to come up with some good ideas for presents.



I just hate that kind of shopping (or in fact ANY kind of shopping!).  People jostle you all the time, there are massive queues at the checkouts and it really feels like an unwanted struggle and there is certainly no joy in it.  This year, however, things have been very different.

This year I am Mr Organised.  I spent about 4 hours on a Saturday afternoon drinking tea, smoking fags, watching the mighty Chelsea FC on the TV and shopping on the internet.  I would think of something I thought the wife might like, research what products were the best, find the best price and then hit the ‘go to checkout’ button. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! I AM THE MAN!!

easy peasy

On the following Tuesday ALL of my many orders arrived at my home without any problems or fuss. Mind you I had stayed away from the big sites like Amazon etc.

I have just gotta hope that ‘she who must be obeyed‘ likes what I bought.  Like most years I wont have got it completely right but at least I got it wrong in the comfort of my own home!  I am entitled to feel  like a “Smug Bastard!”, and I do.

Happy Christmas everybody.



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