Another quiet week this week during the build-up to Christmas.  It seems people are not going out at the moment probably as they are too busy rushing around buying things for people they don’t necessarily like but feel that they must buy them ‘something’! People also buy those boxes of 40 cheap Christmas cards and send one to everyone they have ever met just in case they receive one from that person. No thought about what card would suit one person over another. Just random. Completely cards

I worked at Penwith College a few years back and I probably had about 100 colleagues working there.  Every year I would receive 60 or 70 Xmas cards from the staff.  I would dutifully open them, say thank you and then write out a card for them. Then I would take the (frankly rubbish) card home and place it on the yards of cotton we had pinned to the walls displaying it for all to see. After a couple of years of this I had had enough.  The last year I worked there, whenever someone game me a card I would put the envelope unopened at the end of my desk saying coyly that I would look forward to opening it later.  By the time we got to Xmas eve I had a pile of around 50 unopened envelopes!  n the way out of my office in the evening I slid the pile straight into the bin!  Hahahahah!  Unfortunately after I had left someone noticed my bulging bin and when I came back in the new year I received a lot of criticism and in some cases anger at my actions.  Some people are just as bit too over-sensitive.

angerAll I could say was that if next year they felt liking spending 10p on me in the form of a card perhaps they might consider not doing that but instead put the 10p in a charity box and just wish me a happy xmas.  That year I bought no cards. Zero. Zilch. Nada. But I did put £10 into the Sally Army box. Same again this year.


The only other thing I want to share in this posting is about a customer I had this week who made me laugh.  I picked him up from the Coop, going to Madron, about 10 minutes away.  He was about 60 and seemed quite normal at first.  We chatted about the weather (as usual) and other light topics.

I had the radio on in the taxi, radio 2. Suddenly he says “I love music me, I’m brilliant at pop quizzes”. He went on to say that he had been on Mastermind with specialist subject being pop music.  Unfortunately he followed this up with “It wasn’t the mastermind from the telly,the proper one,  it was another one, I got 9 out of 10 and also won a medal!”  Hmmm. He told me he was going to apply to enter PopMaster on Radio 2.  Just as we arrived at our destination on the radio comes “You to me are everything” by the Real Thing (one of my favourite songs).  Up pipes matey “…thats Eddie Grant that is!”.  Say no more.mastyermind

Hear it here

and Eddy Grant here



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