lottery chaos?

A group of about 15 people who work together in a supermarket near to me have just won half a million pounds (£500,000) on the UK lottery. That works out to around about £30,000 each.  A nice win. Its not a life changing amount though. Or is it?National_Lottery_l_1576852a

Now, if you were working full time in the supermarket then you would probably not give up your job if you won that amount.  You might treat yourself to a smart new car and/or an exotic holiday but you certainly wouldn’t feel that you could retire.  You would still have the drudgery of working every day.

However, if you were only working at the supermarket part-time, and a lot of supermarket workers are part-time, then that would put a different light on things.  Maybe, if you were earning lets say £150 a week, you WOULD consider giving the job up.  After all that £30,000 would equate to about 3 and a half years wages!

In both cases the lottery winner has to make a decision. Carry on working or quit.  I am not sure what I would do. I probably wont ever have to make that decision, but here’s hoping!


Now imagine that the same group of workers had won not £500,000 but instead had won £5,000,000 which would equate to about £300,000 EACH.  That is a quite possible scenario.  The decision about carrying on working or not would be a no-brainer for the 15 shop workers.  The problem in this scenario would shift to be the store managements problem.

Imagine the chaos that would ensue if suddenly 15 of your workers won £300,000 each and left their jobs.  Who would run the store?  I reckon all over this country there are management committees constantly worrying that one day their staff will win big on the lottery and leave.   I wonder if you can get insurance for that?

Lastly I wanted to say that last week I won £2 on a lottery card.  This win did not change my life!WINNER


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