The drought is over at last!

When you sun worshippers out there read the title of this post you would be excused for thinking I was referring to the change in the weather from sunshine to rain, thus averting the chance of a ‘hosepipe ban’ being applied.  It is raining hard here in Penzance but that is not what this post is about.rain-water-falling









Well, to what do I refer then?  Some of you ladies out there will know and most of you chaps will definitely know!

Today, the Premier League football season starts again after what seems like an age without it. It seems like it has been forever but in truth it has only been about two months since a ball was kicked in the best football league in the world, The English Premier league.premier league

Probably going to be quite a competitive league this year as opposed to last year where a mediocre Manchester United side, managed for the last season by Sir Alex Ferguson, strolled to the title. Manchester United fans will probably disagree because they always think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread but I think they were no better than average last year and won the title ONLY because the other teams were worse.  Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal inconsistent, Totenham punching above their weight and a very poor Liverpool side, all managed to ‘cock it up’ in various ways and hand the title to those red devils from Old Trafford who were at least consistently average.  2012/13 not the greatest vintage.

This year I think things will improve.  Chelsea look favourites with the return of Mourinho but I wouldn’t rule out either of the Manchester Clubs.  Whoever wins its still going to be G  R  E  A  T  !!


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