end of the line?

A local lad David Thomas kindly posted  a reply to my earlier posting concerning an article about Penzance being “the end of the line”.  I have read the article and I don’t think it’s particularly helpful or accurate. The article was written by someone living somewhere other than Cornwall.  Now I am not suggesting I am a local as I have only been here 17 years but I think I know a bit more about our locality than Beth Woodbridge. Take a read of her article and see what you think:


station buffers

Below is a link to an article featured in The Cornishman back in April.  It discusses a display of photographs presented by a local historian Peter Waverly.




Another article from The Cornishman last year featuring Dick Cliffe, chairman of Penzance Chamber of Commerce.

dick cliffe

And lastly  (nearly) another entry from Cornishman. This time from their letters page:



And finally (yes definitely finally this time!) . . . . . . .. .

Last week a car crashed into a shop window in Penzance.  Some kind of protest?Car Crash


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