I hate shopping

Been for a blood test today in Penzance to check my levels of stuff! I don’t mind a little prick now and again so it was fine.  Quite enjoyed hanging around the waiting room listening to a baby bawling its head off whilst its mother chatted to someone on her mobile phone!


Afterwards I had arranged to meet the Mrs at Wetherspoons where she was meeting her former area manager for a ‘chat’.  I couldn’t find a parking space in any of the car parks and ended up parking two thirds of the way down chapel street, a VERY long walk away. Bloody typical, must be the time of year!Image

Anyway after that fun it was time for the dreaded S H O P P I N G ! I hate it so much. Tesco is like a torture chamber.Image

First of all you have the fight to get a space in the car park. People wont give an inch for fear you will steal ‘their’ space. Anyway I decided the extra large space reserved for mums with toddlers would do me fine.  Ha Ha! I don’t care, I am a rebel.

Then you have the trolley issue. Almost impossible to disentangle one from another and the one you finally end up with has a wonky wheel. I wonder if they do that on purpose?

Then you have to follow the Mrs around the shop like a naughty puppy all the time avoiding people who either walk very slowly in front of you or veer from side to side. This behaviour probably reflects their driving in their cars.

Then you have the handling issue. You handle each item you but so many times its a surprise any of the (unnecessary) packaging survives the onslaught. 

  • first you take it off the shelf and put in trolley
  • then you take it out of the trolley and put it on the checkout conveyor belt
  • then you take off belt and put into a carrier bag
  • then you put the bags BACK into the trolley
  • then you take the bags out of the trolley and into the back of the car
  • then you take bags out of car and put in the house
  • then you take goods out of the bags and put into cupboards and fridge

That’s a lot of work just so you can open a cupboard and find some food in it.  Why cant it be done by the ‘magic fairies’?


Whilst at the checkout paying you will find that things are a lot more complicated than they used o be. Before the checkout girl would tell you how much it comes to, you hand over your money, take your change and leave.  Now, however, its start with “have you got a clubcard”, then “have you got your own bags” and is followed by “do you want a hand with your packing”. That should be the end of it but oh no, this is followed up with “are you collecting vouchers for pots and pans (or something)?”. I have to stand there then while the Mrs gives the checkout girl what appears to be about 100 vouchers for some pennies off certain items.  The girl has to scan each one and make a comment such as “that’s fine” or more often than not “sorry that’s no good”.  After you pay you then have to wait again whilst the girl gives another 100 vouchers to use next time.



Happy days!



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