A lie in with Jeremy Kyle.


I had a ‘lie in’ today and before you all hate me at once it wasn’t one of those ‘lie ins’ where you actually sleep until 12pm in the afternoon, it was one that began with me waking up at 6:30am. Why does this happen? It’s like the world punishes you for having a day off! It’s like God is up there saying ‘Oh no you don’t missy!’. The moment the words formulate in my mouth and I utter the sentence ‘Oh I have the chance to have a lie in tomorrow’ some big shot in the sky ruins it. Thanks a bunch.

So anyway…I was determined to stick it out and decided that 10:30am was a decent lie in time. That gave me 4 hours. There were no sheep to count, which was typical. Trust me to pick the only day where Little Bow Peep actually kept tabs on…

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