Loafing about?

Its been about 10 days now since I gave up running Bar One. That means I have not done any ‘proper’ work for that 10 days.  Every day I have given myself a reasonably big task to do to fill the day. Such as cleaning the kitchen, sorting out the garage, selling loads on ebay etc but I am running out of jobs to do. As its dry and sunny today I plan on cutting the grass.  Its quite a large area so it will take me a couple of hours.Image

God knows what I’ll do tomorrow.  What I cant understand is, what do people who are unfortunate enough to have been out of work for absolutely ages, do all day? I suppose you could go to park (if its dry), go to beach (if its dry), go to the library, walk around the shops (wouldn’t take long in Penzance!) or tidy the house.

Being out of work for ages would drive me BONKERS!!Image

Maybe sleeping all day like a LION is the answer?Image


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