I am a knob

Its true, I AM A KNOB.  I have an account with Lloyds TSB. I haven’t used the account for over a year now but as I have a new job starting soon at Sainsburys I thought I would get the account organised ready to receive wages.  About a year ago I was being a bit ‘naughty’ so I gave my ATM card to the Mrs to look after.  She thought it would be a good idea for some unknown reason to change the PIN (female logic is a mystery to me, always has been always will be!).  Anyway she can now not remember what she changed it to.Image

Right I thought what I will do is go into the branch, tell them the problem and order a new PIN to be sent.  No problem sir they said a new one will be with you in 3-4 days. Marvellous.  Well its been over a week now so I have just been back in the branch in turbo sarcasm mode berating them for promising me something they OBVIOUSLY couldn’t deliver. I don’t think they appreciated my ‘direct’ style.  While I was there they checked my account and asked me to confirm my address.  A deep sense of shame and embarrassment came over me when they read out the address they held for me.  Guess what> When I moved house a year ago I ‘forgot’ to tell Lloyds and they had sent my new PIN to my OLD address.  I am a knob.  I apologised and left quickly, tail between my legs!Image


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