Faggots for tea

For anyone who doesn’t know faggots are kind of like meatballs but there not round.  They are very popular in Wales and Midlands  They are generally made from off cuts and offal and flavoured with herbs and served in a rich gravy. They sound terrible (and have a potentially embarrassing name) but taste DELICIOUS.Image

The name has caused some problems, mainly in the USA. Here is a snippet of a story which refers . . . .”Pictures of the product are a popular joke in some Western countries because of additional meanings of the name. In 2004 a radio advert by the UK supermarket chain Somerfield in which an American man rejects his wife’s suggested dinner saying “I’ve got nothing against faggots, I just don’t fancy them” was found to have breached the Advertising and Sponsorship Code and was banned by the industry regulator OfCom.

The fact that they are made from off cuts and offal shouldn’t put you off. Doner kebabs for example contain all manor of unknown things but when eaten late at night after consuming vast quantities of alcohol taste like the nectar of the gods. 🙂



Anyway now that I’ve cooked ’em I am now gonna eat ’em.


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