Brownie points banked!

I spent all day yesterday cleaning the kitchen.  What I mean by ‘cleaning’ is completely rearranging the kitchen, replumbing the dishwasher, ripping up the old lino as well as cleaning every surface in there! Weirdly the kitchen looks much bigger now and there appears to be loads of work surfaces which the Mrs was always complaining about not having.Image

Massive brownie points secured particularly as the Mrs didnt know I had done it and she had a lovely surprise when she came home. I am not sure what to spend the brownie points I have earned on.  Alcohol, fags, sex? Difficult choices to be made. Brownie points are weird though.  They are VERY HARD to earn and VERY EASY to spend!

The most strange thing about brownie points though is their exchange rate. For example, just one night of drinking or general naughtiness can completely empty the brownie point account which may have taken MONTHS to fill.Image

Today I am mostly going to be polishing silvery things to get them ready to sell on ebay to raise some much needed cash.  On the up side all that rubbing will improve my ‘wrist action’!


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